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Complete Guide to Office Ergonomics

Feel tired, stressed out and unproductive? Did you know your office postures can greatly influence your work performance, your health or your life? Studies have shown that a poor posture is correlated with low levels of energy, decreased cognitive function and poor overall quality of life! Here is a complete guide to office ergonomics. What… Continue reading Complete Guide to Office Ergonomics

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Acupuncture! How does it help YOU?

Recently, I was asked by a friend who is a medical doctor to help him gather significant clinical information on the benefits of acupuncture. Now, I would like to share this information with you, so together we can discover the risks and benefits of acupuncture. Although there have been lots of rumors regarding the efficacy of… Continue reading Acupuncture! How does it help YOU?

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Love & hate relationship with THAT BACKPACK!

Many people wear backpacks on a daily basis. Are you choosing the right backpack? Are you making sure that you are not compromising your spine with your backpack? Is your backpack a slow "serial killer" and causing your back pain? Distribute the weight properly. Put the heavier items on the bottom and against the back… Continue reading Love & hate relationship with THAT BACKPACK!

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Posture, Posture & Posture!!!

Posture is defined as how your hold your body at all times. Regardless of the type of  posture, the most important component of a good posture is that the spine is in a neutral and non-compromised position.     Research shows that postural distortions  mean stress and strain on your spine and can cause acute/chronic pain.… Continue reading Posture, Posture & Posture!!!

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Keys to restore and maintain health

"The greatest wealth is Health." This quote cannot be more true in a fast-pace society today. As our community's health is being ripped apart by chronic diseases,  excessive amount of stress, and environmental contamination, it is making everyone sick and tired of it. Remember though, there is still hope. Our health is controlled by our… Continue reading Keys to restore and maintain health

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Trying to eat healthy in a food desert?

Recently a subscriber commented on our blog "nutrition plan that makes you unstoppable". Living in California where healthy options are plenty, we never really thought of how would eating healthy be possible for people who live in food deserts? Below are the top 5 ways to be more conscious of your diet if you… Continue reading Trying to eat healthy in a food desert?