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Keys to restore and maintain health

“The greatest wealth is Health.” This quote cannot be more true in a fast-pace society today. As our community’s health is being ripped apart by chronic diseases,  excessive amount of stress, and environmental contamination, it is making everyone sick and tired of it. Remember though, there is still hope. Our health is controlled by our own hands, lifestyles and knowledge. It is never too late to be more conscious about our health. Today let’s discuss the steps to restore and maintain a good health.

Proper Nerve Supply – Get Checked for Spine and Nervous System Health 


Every organ and its functions are controlled by the nervous system. That includes our movement, our heart beat and blood flow.  If the spine is not in the proper alignment, the nerves that exit from the spinal cord will experience interference, thus not able to support the function of our body, organs, tissue and cells. This is why it is important to check your nervous system, it is the most important system of the body!

Regular Exercise


Exercise not only helps us build muscle strength and endurance, it can also help us stimulate brain function and prevent future injuries and falls. Exercise also has the ability to release stress and increase blood flow to all of the cells of our body! Exercise is the best medicine for our body.

Proper Nutrition 

Food that heal vs food that kill

Our body is like a machine. If we provide our body with the right fuel, it is able to run more effectively.  It is easy to forget to provide our body with the right fuel, especially when we live in a fast-pace working environment. However, there are many ways to prepare quick healthy food/snacks that is able to help your body work smart, not work hard! Check out this quick recipe for yummy smoothies!




Do you feel like sometimes it is hard to slow down and just do nothing? Do you feel drained and can’t seem to stop checking your email? Our body and our brain need breaks! A lot of them! Sleep is one of the best ways for our body to heal and relax. It is important to allow yourself rest time and it is not something that is optimal. So maybe this weekend plan a short trip to the beach or a movie?




2 thoughts on “Keys to restore and maintain health

  1. Some people tell me they think sleeping is a waste of productive time. Sleeping the bare minimum amount is the way to be most productive. I’m not sure I agree with that. Is there any research that indicates more sleep is better than less? How do you know you’re not getting too much sleep?


    1. In our opinion, sleep is a way for the body to heal itself from stress, toxins in the environment/food and physical trauma. A lot of metabolic activities happen while we sleep that are essential for daily living. The recommended sleep time for an average adult is about 7 hours 🙂


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