Health and Wellness

Complete Guide to Office Ergonomics

Feel tired, stressed out and unproductive? Did you know your office postures can greatly influence your work performance, your health or your life? Studies have shown that a poor posture is correlated with low levels of energy, decreased cognitive function and poor overall quality of life! Here is a complete guide to office ergonomics.

What kind of measurement is a good ergonomic set up? Pictures are worth thousands of words. Here it is:


Desk Set Up

A standing desk is preferred, but your monitor height is super important.


If you do not have a standing desk, a sitting desk is fine too! As long as the monitor is raised up and your shoulder is able to relax.


Keyboard and Mouse Set Up

Numbness in your fingers, wrists and arms? Did you know your keyboard set up an play an important factor in that? Please consider using a set up below:








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