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Natural ways to stay away from the cold

It is that time of the year again! With the change of weather, it is easy to catch a cold from work or just from being outside! Below are 5 different natural ways to stay away from the cold!!!


Build up with healthy food
You may think its hard to eat healthy on a regular basis, but eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables supports your immune system! The natural nutrients in the whole foods can help you cope with outside germs and make you a fighter!

Did you just double dip that chip?
Beware of doubling dip in public places because germs can really travel and grow in those dips! It is a way not only to keep yourself safe but others as well!!



Do not bite your nails!
Not only biting nails is not healthy for your nails and teeth, but germs might hide in there! Make sure your little ones do not develop this habit from young!

Drink, drink, drink
Our human body is made up of over 90% water! Make sure you drink enough water for all your cells and tissue to stay hydrated!


Get your nervous system checked!

Is your body especially your nervous system working like it is suppose to? Your nerve is the manager that makes sure everything it is working properly! It is a very important player in keeping you away from the cold and flu!




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