Health and Wellness

Optimal Health GOALS during the holiday season?

It is that time of the year for celebration and friends and family!  

Are you still on tracking with your health goals during this time of the year? Keeping your health at the optimal level allows you to be more productive and less stressed during your daily work. 

Here are the top 3 ways that you can stay health and continue to be stress free!!! 

1.Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep

Meal prep is your best friend that de-stresses you! The best way of watching what you eat is to plan in advance. After Thanksgiving, the holiday diet can hit us full-swing. With so much access to unhealthy, sugary (yet, of course, delicious) treats, you’ll no doubt feel tempted to indulge always. But like we mentioned above, save your treats for Christmas gatherings with friends and family. During the weekdays, make sure you are eating healthy. Stick with lean proteins, leafy greens, and fruits. Planning out what you’re going to eat and preparing your food for the week on the weekends are great habits to get into to ensure that you’re being diligent with your diet.

2. Treat Yourself Occasionally

Don’t forget to give yourself some “ME TIME”! Read your favorite book, watch a movie or go for a hike! ‘Tis the time for celebration and a celebration for all the hard work all year around!! 

3. Keep to a workout routine – or begin one.

Exercise and eating healthy is the best way to keep your weight in control, so as you continue to work out everything you put in your body affects your energy level.  So the hope is that you will want to eat foods that give you fuel instead of high fat and processed foods.



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