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Feeling a little “hormonal”?

Hormones are the leaders in making sure our brain is signaling our body to DO THE JOB RIGHT ! There are many different hormones in our body doing regulatory jobs. Below is a list of hormones that are the key players in our general health.   Estrogen The main function for estrogen is to maintain… Continue reading Feeling a little “hormonal”?


All that makeup though?

Commercially sold cosmetics are used in men and women’s lives daily. However, in the report “heavy metal hazard: the health risks of hidden heavy metals in face makeup”, environmental defense tested 49 different faces makeup items, including five foundations, four concealers, four powders, five blushes or bronzers, seven mascaras, two eye liners, 14 eye shadows,… Continue reading All that makeup though?



 International Women Day is March 8! It is a day of celebrating  social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Women play many roles in life. Women are daughters, moms, friends, sisters, cousins and granddaughters. Sometimes life can get really overwhelming and stressful.  Sometimes it is important to slow down and get pampered . One of the… Continue reading HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY!


Is it safe to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Every choice throughout pregnancy affects the birth outcome and therefore the baby.  The way to support a healthy birth is to reach the mom during her pregnancy.   Our mission is to let mom know that she has options! In our  health care system, the current C-section rate is 29% and the rate of dystocia (difficulty during labour) is on the rise. During pregnancy,  the mom's pelvis is not stable due to: Hormone production during pregnancy makes joints less stable  Increase in postural strain as the body compensates for changes in the pregnancy woman's center of gravity  Sedentary lifestyle and postural compensations… Continue reading Is it safe to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?


Fitness Recommendation for Pregnancy

There are many health benefits of regular fitness for pregnant women. They include: more energy, more restful sleeps, better stress management, and less need for induced labor or epidurals. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most, if not all, days of the week for pregnant women who are… Continue reading Fitness Recommendation for Pregnancy


Over 40? 6 Wellness Habits Women Can NO LONGER AVOID!

When the ladies are in their young 20s and 30s, we just had to do the basics. Wear sunscreen, eat healthy food (mostly) and exercise. During that period of our  lives, our metabolism is fast and our body is able to overcome any stress or harmful substances.  As we begin to age, it’s important to… Continue reading Over 40? 6 Wellness Habits Women Can NO LONGER AVOID!

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Limit These Foods During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important period of life for everyone in the family, because every family wants a happy pregnant mom and a PERFECT born baby. A healthy, comfortable and safe pregnancy process involves many aspects of preparations, actions and knowledge. In our article today, we will talk about the top 3 items to avoid during… Continue reading Limit These Foods During Pregnancy


Incredible HOT MAMA on how to stay fit during pregnancy   Click on the featured image to watch our interview with Camille and her tips on how to stay active during pregnancy. In this interview she shared: Her workout routine The number #1 recommended workout for mommies to be! Preparing for the new born How has chiropractic adjustments helped her with her pregnancy Follow… Continue reading Incredible HOT MAMA on how to stay fit during pregnancy


Optimal positioning for a safer & easier birth

Babies move freely throughout pregnancy. Between 35-47 weeks, they settle into what usually becomes their position for birth. Malpositioning of the baby may occur partly because of the modern sedentary lifestyles that thwart optimal positioning during pregnancy.  Easy chairs, couches and cars seats force us into a slouch positions. Even when sitting in a straight-backed… Continue reading Optimal positioning for a safer & easier birth